acct229 at Texas A&M


1 Cash and Cash Equivalents
Cash and Cash Equivalents are relatively straightforward, you just need to remember to look out for the original maturity dates.
2 Bank Reconciliations: What and Why
Bank Reconciliations make little to no sense before you understand what they are and why they are necessary. Once you understand the meta-principles of Bank Recs, they become quite easy.
3 Bank Reconciliations: How
Once you've examed the "what" and "why" of Bank Recs, the last thing to figure out is the how. But once you know "what" and "why", "how" becomes a piece of cake.
4 Debit and Credit Memos
On a bank reconciliation, you may see a "debit memo" or a "credit memo". These are usually straightforward, but we'll look at how to remember them if they aren't.
5 Fixing Mistakes in Bank Recs
If you get to the bottom of a Bank Reconciliation and your numbers don't balance, it's ok. Odds are you just missed one thing, and that thing will be easy to find.
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